Dear Customer:
How would you like to cut your courier/delivery costs by more than 40 percent per month? Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll show you how. We’ll review every facet of your current system and analyze its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll look at a comparison of costs for other businesses of your size and provide a comprehensive report of short and long-term actions that will generate substantial savings for your company. The enclosed proposal outlines the details of what we’ll do and how successful we’ve been at doing this for other businesses. In fact, we guarantee you’ll save no less than 10 percent per year savings as a result of our efforts. To be the best, you can never rest. When the time clocks have been punched, and the street lights come on, the staff at Any Weather Services Inc. is still on duty. We never close at Any Weather Services, assuring that one of our professional Courier’s is only a phone call away.

The backbone of any successful company is the personnel that operate it on a day to day basis. At Any Weather Services Inc., our staff is very customer friendly, Reliable, Dependable and trustworthy.